Kilrea Show date: 05.01.2011

Stranagone has good day out at Garvagh Young Farmers Show in Kilrea live stock mart.

Stranagon Foil Stranagon Foil Stranagone Fiona Stranagone Fiona

On the 25th of November 2010 at the Garvagh Young Farmers Show in Kilrea we had two young commercial calves there.
The First was Stranagone Foil, at just 5 months old he was 4th in his class. Foil is the first calf to born from Stranagone Dodi, a home bred bull retaind for on farm use. Foil is also out of a home bred commercial cow called Stranagone Barbra, a daughter of Roundshill Taraus.
The second was Stranagone Fiona, she was 2nd in her class on the day. Fiona is a daughter of Ampertaine Brigadeer, an AI Limousin bull. Her mother is also a home bred cow which is also a daughter of Roundshill Taraus.