Stranagone Gogo ET date: 14.03.2013

Stranagone Gogo ET sold privately

Stranagone Gogo Et Stranagone Gogo Et Stranagone Gogo ET Ratoary Barbie

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Stranagone Gogo ET has shown exceptional growth rates from a very young age. as a calf he always stood taller a longer than the others in his group and has kept those trait into his older stage. His is a bull that has grown very tall which has allowed him to achieve great weight gains. When born he was very easy to pull from the recipient dam and was up on his feet and sucking in only a few minutes. A lovely troublesome free calf.
He is an embryo bull sired by Goldies Champion.
Barbie, his mother is a very well-bred cow, with Oldstone Egbert, Jupiter, Roundhill Ohoh and Doonally New all in her pedigree. With this combination she was well worth the title of being one of the best cows on the farm.